Tuesday, November 3, 2009

:: sassy ::

You see, I am really bad at replacing things that need replacing.  Lately, I've noticed how much the kids' bibs/bowls/spoons/sporks have been deteriorating.  The plastic is pitting out, getting nasty and a few forks/sporks have had their turn in the garbage disposal.  The bibs are tearing, becoming discolored (as well as too small), and some of our sippy cups are getting kind of gross and worn (Aidan is about done with these, thank goodness).  I really hate buying this kind of stuff - it's usually overpriced and cheaply made.  I do love take-n-toss stuff though - that way, I don't really care if they get gross or ruined.  I simply just, well...toss.  However, they are really only great at making products for littler toddlers/babies.  The sporky things don't work so well for stabbing/picking up food, and their sippies are really not leakproof, despite what they claim.  And they wear out quickly.  Soooo, I am slowly starting to replace some of this stuff with better (and a little more spendy but worth it) items that will hopefully last longer.  Three things I have loved so far:

Sassy Suction Cup Bowls - Set of 3 with lids!

sassybowls suction cups! yeeee!

Hallelujah!  These are awesome and I am kicking myself for not buying them sooner.  I cackled with glee this morning as I watched Delia try to pick up her bowl of oatmeal and toss it on the floor as she does almost every day.  She was also less frustrated as she ate her oatmeal without it sliding all over her tray while trying to scoop her spoon.  Yay!!  I just need to know - does anyone know of any suction cup plates out there?  That needs to be my next find.  And soon.




Gerber Graduates Utensil Set (in a variety of colors)

gerberutensils does a baby really need a knife?

These have been great - rubberized grip, easy to maneuver for little hands, but a knife?  Really?  My kids have never used theirs.  Meh.  So you are, in part, paying for something they won't use much if at all.  BUT, I just discovered BRU sells forks in a set of 3!  Totally going to get some, as a couple of these forks have gone through the disposal.  These wash up nice too - don't get all discolored and stuff.  (Kind of spendy, but I found them for $3.00 at a place that starts with W for the whole set!)


Kiddopotamus Rinse and Roll Bibs

kidbibkidbib2 comes in green and blue as well

These bibs have become a lifesaver.  Delia is a really, really messy eater compared to Aidan and it's nice to be able to just yank the bib off, rinse or wipe off, and put away.  I have also rolled it up and stored it in the diaper bag to use at restaurants, where I roll it up (with food inside) and rinse it out when I get home.  Every once in awhile, I'll run them through the dishwasher, laid out on the top rack and that really takes the tough stains out.  I haven't had a problem with red sauce stains as the packaging stated I would.  These bibs really last a long time!!  I only wish they made them longer for bigger kids!

Anyway, those are my top 3 baby meal thingies.  I'm going to have to replace those bibs for baby #3 since they've been worn so much by the other two!    What are some of the things you cannot live without (doesn't have to be baby-related)?