Tuesday, November 17, 2009

:: little talk ::

I love hearing my two young'ins converse with each other.  Right now, they're upstairs watching Up and I hear Aidan say, "Oh, look, Gia!  Balloons!  See, Gia?  See the balloons are coming out!  Oooooh!"  and Gia replies, "Yah." (her standard answer to most things).  She just yelled, "Yoooom!" (her word for balloon)  So cute.

So I made a couple of big decisions this week (and it's only Tuesday...*pat on back*).  One being my previous post and the other being Christmas.  Early.  As in decorations.  I'm getting more tired more quickly these days - not to mention my horrible back problems, so I'm dragging it all out this week, little by little.  Last year - or any other year for that matter, I would've been aghast at myself for thinking such things (I usually don't even listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving) as it is against my "code".  But, alas...this year is different.  I can't believe Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK.  Boom.  November.  GONE.  My brain is still in October.  So I know that Christmas is going to sneak up on me and grab me by the nostrils if I don't get a jumpstart.  Maybe I'll blog my decorations as they go up.  That would be fun.  For me.  Maybe not you.

Delia's 2nd birthday is coming up as well (12/28) - OH, and mine.  Blah.  We'll skip mine this year.  Just kidding, Ryan.  Please disregard that.  We will probably celebrate Delia's in January again around her due date (her DD was 1/18).  It was just easier that way for everyone and not overwhelming energy-wise and financially.  Plus, I just want her to have her special day, not right smack dab in the middle of the "down in the dumps" holiday wasteland of the week between Christmas and New Year.  I always felt a little cheated birthdaywise, being overshadowed by the Lord baby Jesus himself (I never held it against Him, though...don't worry...plus I always thought he understood how I felt and forgave me for it) and promised myself I would NEVER have a baby during the holiday season.  Then came Delia.  3 weeks early.  Sorry, baby...it's your fault.  Actually, it's mine.  Never mind.  Hypertension.

So there you have it.  2 major decisions (major in my world).  Now, to go deal with a 3-year-old who has officially entered the "why" stage, just this week. *tearing hair out*

Merry Christmas.

**ps** one reason i love wordpress: delia just turned off the router (it's stupidly plugged into one of the outlets controlled by a lightswitch), but almost my entire post was auto-saved.  Thank you, wordpress.