Tuesday, November 10, 2009

:: do you realize ::

...I only have 108 days to go until my due date!  ACKKKKKKK YEEEEEE!!!

I'm trying to figure out the stuff I still need.  I have decided to consider a switch to glass bottles, which is a little daunting for me.  Here are some possibilities:

bornfreeBorn Free

Got pretty good reviews, has a pretty good price.  Seems...pretty good.  I find the lettering on the bottle kind of annoying.  I know.  I'm weird about things like that.  I'll get over it, I'm sure.  Anyone use these?  Tell me about it, please!



evenflo with cute protective covers!


Evenflo Glass Bottles

These come with pretty little protective covers, which I find pretty awesome for people like me with granite countertops...and who drop things.  And the price?  Even better.  And they come in various sizes, like most bottles.

Not as great of reviews, however...seem a little cheap.

momobaby average price, newer product

Momo Baby Glass Bottles (with covers)

This is a new product - can only buy it online, so I can't check it out.  I like the fact that it comes in wide mouth and am curious if it would work with my pump.  I would prefer a wider mouth bottle for that reason.  It comes in various colors, which I love...with the covers too.  I haven't heard of this company or this brand, so I have nothing to go off of.  I wish they had it in the stores, but I might consider purchasing online and returning at the retail store if I don't like them.  Anyone heard of this company/brand?

I am still going to look at the BPA-Free plastic bottles as well, just so I cover all of my bases.  Maybe I'll get really crazy and do a mixture of both.  Wooooooo.  After 2 babies, my bottles are kind of gross and BPA-ish and I'm ready to move on.  I don't want to spend a ton of money, but I figure if I get nice ones (or glass even) I can pass them along to new mommy friends or maybe sell on craigslist (sans used nipples, of course).  These are just some of the things that need replacing for new baby.  One of the other things: burprags.  Amen.