Tuesday, October 13, 2009

:: things of a silly nature ::

I cleaned out my pantry last week.  I haven't done a big grocery run in quite some time - just little runs here and there, and it's killing me.  I have had to do some creative meal planning in my day, but this week (until payday, anyway), I took it as a personal mission to use what I've got to meal plan.  As I opened my pantry door last evening, I have to admit I panicked.  And so, ghetto pantry dinner night was born.  I dug in my freezer and found 4 chicken tenderloins.  In the pantry, I found a can of french's fried onions and a box of shells and cheese.  I crushed up the fried onions in a bag, dipped the chicken in egg, then shook them in the onion coating, and sauteed in butter (just a little) instead of baking in the oven as the recipe suggested because hey, butter is awesome and I'm pregnant.  So there.  I also threw together a box of brownies with peanut butter cup crumbles for Ryan and his little band friends for practice yesterday evening.  I giggled more than a few times as I made this dinner.  But, you know what?  That chicken rocked and I will make it again and again.  My kids loved the shells and cheese and I loved the brownie I snuck out of the corner of the pan.  The kids had pudding.  Ghetto pantry night was a complete success, except for the noticeable lack of vegetables.  I think i'll try to do one of these type dinners once a week or so.  but I really do need to grocery shopping.  Cupboards are bare.  BARE.

In other news, we got back from Orcas Island on Sunday evening.  What a trip!!  We take a weekend away every fall with 3 other couples and this is our 3rd year.  It was an incredible weekend spent at a vacation house that we rented out next to a lake with canoes and a short drive away from Mt. Constitution (most. amazing. view.).

view from Mt. Constitution - you can see Vancouver BC view from Mt. Constitution - you can see Vancouver BC

I, being my pregnant self, forgot my camera, so thank you, ladies, for sharing photos.

getting in our canoes.  look at me on the right.  ahoy. getting in our canoes. look at me on the right. ahoy.

We did embark on a treacherous canoe trip on the lake -- it was very windy and choppy and I'm sure if you saw the pregnant woman in the life jacket holding on for dear life and screaming her head off, you would've been quite entertained.  We soon reached the other side of the lake, which was a bit calmer and the boys and girls enjoyed some brews before we headed back.  Charley and Laura made it back to the dock in record time, but we kept turning around to see Robin and Amanda's canoe going sideways in the wind, or backwards, or the wrong way.  It was quite entertaining to watch, but we were all happy to get back on solid ground.  There were always quite a few deer roaming around right outside our front door and we were even able to pet one of them.

us cute girls. us cute girls.

teh deer. teh deer.

Other fun activities included: yummy food, horseshoes, reading out in the sunshine, walking on trails, knitting, ferries, games and more games, killing zombies, watching movies and just hanging out.  I'm already looking forward to next year!  Aidan and Delia stayed with Grandma and Bompa (Ryan's folks) and as always, had a great time with them.  They absolutely love staying with their grandparents, both sides.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful parents who love our kids and spoil them and take such good care of them.  I don't take it for granted, that is for sure!  Our kids absolutely love them too.

belly shot.  20 weeks. belly shot. 20 weeks.

Well, Aidan is sickly today, so we're hanging out in our sweats, watching Clifford the Big Red Dog and I'm sipping on some chai.  Ryan asked me this morning why I don't blog as much any more.  I don't know.  I miss it.  A lot.  I told him that I don't have anything exciting to write about these days and he reminded me of fun things like Orcas Island.  I just need to get my rear in gear.  Because I really enjoy it.  I really do.

the huz and i the huz and i

Oh one more thing - we've been financially stressed as of late and it kind of hit me a little bit yesterday, during the night, and this morning.  I had the thought, "I wish I had a little job - something to do at home, not a lot of hours, just to help out a little bit."  I prayed this morning for some direction.  My phone rang.  A previous manager from my favorite job before I had the kids started his own business (beverage industry) and is looking for a little bit of help every week.  Starting out minimal - all FROM HOME.  He's going to send me over a proposal to look over and we'll go from there.  It's all stuff I have done before, so there will be little training involved (hallelujah) and will just help cover things a little bit more around here.  And it's not even part time to start - just minimal hours, which is perfect for me.  Yay!  It's nice when God does nice things for us, isn't it?

where'd todd go? where'd todd go?

robin and i - solving the world's problems. robin and i - solving the world's problems.

ryan falling off the cliff. ryan falling off the cliff.

21 week post coming up.

have a great day, all!