Wednesday, September 30, 2009

:: I'm In Love ::

I officially have the best husband.  EVER.

This last weekend was one of the most refreshing, relaxing, fun, beautiful, romantic weekends since our honeymoon.  I think I appreciate trips like this a little bit more now that I have children.  We had 48+ lovely hours of no diapers, whining, crying, yelling, time-outs, snotty noses.  Mom arrived on Thursday morning and after a quick grocery shopping trip, I made pumpkin bars and pulled pork sandwiches for our weekly Survivor night.  That was a great start to our weekend!

On Friday around noon, we left the house for Anacortes to catch the ferry to Friday Harbor.  We got to the ferry terminal early, so we walked around a bit and had a quick lunch.  Ryan read and I knitted on the ferry (just about an hour trip).  When we got off the ferry, I instantly fell in love with Friday Harbor.  It's a really cute, old seatown with lots of shops, restaurants and boats docked in the harbor.  We first drove to the Kirk House - our bed and breakfast.

Kirk House Kirk House

Our hosts Debbie and Allen met us inside and we felt right at home.  It is a beautiful house built in 1907.  We stayed in the Garden Room.  It was a cute little room that happened to be Peter Kirk's (founder of Kirkland) bedroom...that he died in.  Awesome.  It really was a great room, though.  After checking in, we walked down to the town and ate at the Front Street Alehouse, where we filled up on halibut and chips that were ENORMOUS.  Ryan had a pint of bacon beer and a pint of Diablo Ale, which was a spicy pepper beer (yuck).  We felt really full and tired after that meal, so we wandered back to the B&B, stopping at the store for a bottle of wine and chocolate and then a high school football game on the way.  We watched for a little bit, amazed at how the whole town seems to turn out for the Big Game.  There were even a couple of parents in the marching band.  Small town...  We grabbed a DVD from the foyer and crashed in our room.  I crashed sometime during the movie, Ryan shortly after.  We did not feel well after the halibut and chips!

halibut & chips halibut & chips

The next morning, we ate a yummy breakfast at the house and then walked to the Lavendera Day Spa where I had a wonderful, hour-long massage.  Ahhhhhhhhh.  The woman who gave me my massage wouldn't stop commenting about how awful my muscles are.  Oh well.  It was heaven.  HEAVEN.  I retrieved Ryan from the back garden where he was reading and left the spa smelling of lavender and wobbly like a noodle.  Refreshed.  Rejuvenated.  We walked back down into town to grab a quick bite before our whale watching tour.  Ryan went in to the restaurant to order while I stopped into a wonderful yarn store (Island Wools) to buy a few new fall yarns.  I got back just in time for some yummy quesadillas.  After eating, we walked down to the waterfront to meet up with our tour group.  The 4 hour tour was awesome!  Beautiful scenery, whales, blue sky and water.  One whale actually swam towards our boat, underneath it, and out the other side.  Amazing.  I highly recommend doing one of these tours if you ever have the chance.  It was really wonderful.  I like talking to people and I got to meet some pretty nice folks.  Ryan and I's favorite was the man in woman's sunglasses.  We couldn't stop snickering.

need better camera.  here's an orca near our boat need better camera. here's an orca near our boat

After the whale tour, we were HUNGRY.  I had a craving for some seafood fettuccini.  We walked to all of the waterfront restaurants, but I had a hard time justifiying $28-$30 for a pasta meal.  We gave up after about a half hour of wandering and headed back to the house.  On our way, we came across a couple of restaurants out of the touristy area.  We settled on Vinny's Italian and had an amazing meal - Ryan had a flat iron steak with fresh veggies and potatoes, I had the best seafood fettucini I've ever had.  Ever.  And it was significantly cheaper than the waterfront restaurants.  We were sad to leave.  So. Good.  After our meal, we headed to the little store, picked up some goodies and headed back to the house.  We popped another movie in and were asleep again by 10.  or maybe it was 9:30.  Either way, we got caught up on sleep for sure!  We got up in the morning, ate another yummy breakfast at the house, then checked out.  We got in the car and drive all over the island (which takes about 15 minutes to get from one end to the other), stopping at several places along the coast.  We visited the British Camp, American Camp, Lime Kiln State Park and stopped at a couple scenic spots to watch orca whales from the coast.  My camera batter had died by then, and I had to resort to a *shudder* disposable camera, as there was nowhere to find a charger.  I need to develop them and scan them in.  Anyway, we had a great time taking in the scenery.  We headed back into town and had a quick lunch - again at Front Street Alehouse.  Ryan had some kick-@$$ chili and I had a yummy BLTA on a toasted croissant.  Ryan also stuck to regular beer this time around - an IPA and a Porter, I think.  We sat by the window overlooking the harbor, sad that we were about to leave.  We then walked to a little children's boutique and bought a little outfit for baby 3, then parked the car in the ferry line.  While we waited for the ferry, we walked to Serendipity - a cute old house turned into a used book store.  We found some treasures, then hit a couple more little shops before heading on to the ferry.  We parked the car, headed up to the deck facing the harbor and sadly watched FH get smaller and smaller.  The weather was absolutely PERFECT the entire weekend, which we were very happy about.  Sunny and cool, with a breeze.  I fell in love.  More with my husband who so perfectly planned every detail.  And with Friday Harbor.  And Orcas.  And the San Juans.

Thank you, Ryan, for realizing how important it is for us to get away.  I know there are so many other things we could spend that kind of money on, but thank you for understanding how vital time away is for the two of us and our marriage.  And my sanity, especially as I prepare for this new baby.  I love you so much and seriously had the best time I've had in a long time (even with the terrible gas you had as a result of the chili).  Your thoughtful planning floored me and I have no doubt that you love me so much.  I look forward to going back one day.  And aren't we lucky that we get to go to Orcas Island next weekend with some great friends?  Yay!

Here are a few more pictures:

kirk house foyer kirk house foyer

garden room.  Sideways.  can't turn it for some reason. garden room. Sideways. can't turn it for some reason.

harbor harbor

heading out to find some whales heading out to find some whales

hot.  and i'm not talking about the weather. also, sideways again.  sorry. hot. and i'm not talking about the weather. also, sideways again. sorry.

lighthouse lighthouse

see the whale? see the whale?

spot the orca spot the orca