Friday, September 25, 2009

:: baby news ::

As most of you have heard, we had our ultrasound on Wednesday and baby showed us his parts loud and clear as soon as the tech turned on the monitor.  We have our 2nd boy on the way!!

I always feel a little bit guilty whenever people ask me if I prefer a boy or a girl.  Of course, the standard answer is, "I just want a healthy baby" (which is so true, by the way -- I'd be happy with either), but I was suprisingly honest this time around.  "A boy  I would love a 2nd brother for Delia."  I had two -- well, I STILL have two brothers.  And I loved, loved, LOVED it growing up with boys.  I loved their clothes, their toys and daily activities and actively joined in all of them -- very enthusiastically, I might add.  They ranged from torturing my barbies in the horse corral trough to climbing trees, to building sage brush forts, GI Joes, Transformers, and soccer in the backyard.  I prayed when I was little to become a boy so I could become just like my brothers.  I looked up to them and adored them.  I still do.  Anyway, when I became a woman -- rather, "woman", I was pretty distressed and disappointed.  But I still wore my brother's jeans and flannels (hey, it was the early 90's) to school until my parents made me dress more feminine.  I adapted and embraced my femininity over the years, but I always like to think I still have some tomboy in there somewhere.  It's a good balance.  I'm hoping Delia finds the same balance while growing up with two brothers.  I'm so excited for her!  So, hey.  I got exactly what I wanted.  Hooray.  That almost never happens.  I am so happy and content with my little family!

As far as names go for this little guy, we're about 90% on the name.  I'll let you know when we decide for sure!

Have a great weekend, everyone!