Monday, August 31, 2009

:: XIV ::

I'm glad to have Ryan back home safely after a 6 day/5 night backpacking trip.  They only had 1 bear encounter.  Phew!  The kids and I, with help from some loved ones, survived the week.  However, I am EXHAUSTED!!  I was thinking the fatigue was letting up a little, but either I was fooling myself, or it's back with a vengeance.  Sigheth.

Week 14:



- can squint, frown, grimace, pee, and possibly suck its thumb

- measures 3.5 inches (about the size of a lemon!)

- is developing lanugo (fine hair) all over its body

- liver is making bile


- Tired, but what else is new

- Many growing, stretching pains

- The onset of heartburn has begun!

- Tried sleeping on my stomach and it feels like I'm laying on a softball...those days of tummy sleeping are over.

- Appetite seems to be returning a smidge, but still hardly any meat - no red meat at all...*shudder*

- Trying to decide whether or not to find out the sex of the baby...opinions?

I feel a definite shift as I enter the 2nd Trimester...a little bit of energy has returned and I'm able to eat a little more without feeling icky.  I'm feeling the baby move every once in awhile if I'm really still...which is rare.  My back is still a mess and my feet (?) hurt a lot when I stand for long periods of time.  The heartburn is back and I'm starting to get migraines again, like I had with the other two during the 2nd Trimester.  Other than that, I'm great!  (chuckle)...Really, I am doing just fine.  I was just remarking to Ryan how fun blogging this has been for me -- I'm amazed that this baby has gone from lentil bean to lemon!   Isn't it amazing?  Have a great week, everyone.  It's been a busy weekend for us, and it's about to get busy this week too.