Sunday, August 23, 2009

:: lucky 13 [ a random, long-ish blog] ::

thirteen.  as in WEEKS.

officially beginning my third trimester with this little one.  With each pregnancy, I've experienced both similar and very different emotions.  With Aidan, I was shocked, surprised, and - of course, delighted.  We had been trying for over 2 years and it finally happened when I least expected it to.  With Delia, I was SHOCKED, surprised, terrified, a little anxious and afraid...then after awhile, delighted (especially when we found out we were having a girl).  We weren't expecting it to happen again so easily.  Oops.  With baby #3, we just decided to go for it and I (again) was surprised, a little anxious, NOT shocked at all that it happened so fast this time (lesson learned), and I'm on my way to becoming delighted.  This pregnancy has been a bit harder with 2 other little kids to take care of.  I didn't think about it as much during the first tri, but now it's in the forefront of my mind quite frequently as my belly begins to expand once again -- much earlier this time.  I've got a lot to be thankful for -- I know this.  And I know Ryan and I weighed our options as we considered our third, but I can't help but feel a little anxious about being outnumbered.  But these times are fleeting.  The years are flying by.  Aidan starts preschool in the fall, with Delia right behind him next year.  I'm so happy to be a mommy.  I'm content.  Tired, yes, but content.  As a woman who at one time wondered if I'd ever be a mommy, I am happy to be blessed threefold.  If I knew I could handle it, I'd have 3 more (but I can't -- don't worry, Ryan).

Raising children has always been a dream of mine.  I hope I'm doing a good job.  Aidan is in the throes of terrible-THREES.  I must admit, early 2's were a cinch with this kid.  Then he hit about 2 and a half and since then, he's kept us pretty busy.  Trying to figure out the right thing to do and the right thing to say has not been easy.  I know we make mistakes.  I'm paranoid about shaping these little lives the right way.  Then this happens:  I put Aidan down for bed the other night and, as usual, we said our goodnight prayer.  Aidan has been having a hard time during prayer time - talking, giggling and not really understanding why we are doing what we're doing.  So I took a few minutes explaining to him why we pray, who we pray to and that Jesus likes to hear us talk to him.  Aidan was quiet for a few seconds and then said very quietly and matter-of-factly, "Jesus likes living in my tummy."  At that point, I knew we were on the right track.  After that, he closed his eyes and we said our prayer and all was well.

Anyway, as summer comes to an end and we enter the fall months (my favorite!) I'm reminded again and again of God's presence and faithfulness in my life.  I reflect a lot at this time of year for some reason.  Maybe it's the rainy days and afternoons spent with girlfriends and knitting needles.  I become content in the fall.  Comfortable and peaceful.  And the little life growing inside me is an added bonus this year.  Our ultrasound where we find out the gender is September 23rd.  Any guesses?

Well, onto my weekly post:  Week 13


- has fingerprints!

- is almost 3 inches long (the size of a medium shrimp [?])

- weighs almost an ounce.

- has intestines on the INSIDE of his/her body!


- still tired

- still not hungry, but it's getting better

- still with back problems (gonna get me a maternity belt to see if it helps!)

- feeling a little less anxious

- did I mention tired?  the past week or so has almost been worse than the whole first trimester.  No joke.

- feel like I look 7 months, but probably look 5.  Clothes are no longer fitting.  Must go shopping.  Shopping for maternity clothes is SO not exciting.

I should probably get to bed.  Church in the morning.  Things to do.  Ryan leaves Monday for his yearly backpacking trip and returns Saturday.  I'll be alone all week!  Yeeee!  Sigh.  It's only once a year (he has another shorter one in September), so I can manage.  He loves it and looks forward to it every year.  But I'm thinking I need a week away with my galfriends...anyone in?

Love.  Oh!  Here's the 13 week picture.  Thanks

13 weeks 13 weeks