Friday, August 7, 2009

:: Eleven. Movin' right along... ::

Ta-Da!!  11 Weeks today!!

I had a doctor's appointment today.  We found baby's heartbeat [doc said it might be too early] and it was just a-beatin' away.  Then the baby flipped and I totally FELT IT.  T'was awesome.

Thank you, friend Robin, for watching the kiddos so I could go.  And for taking Aidan the rest of the day.  You are the best friend ever.  And I love you.  And so do my kids.  I'm truly blessed to have you on my side.

I have been having terrible back problems already...sigh.  The doctor gave me a stern warning today, not to do any more 1AM mopping, vacuuming, and moving of kitchen tables/chairs, or heavy lifting.  Darn.  [There were ants.  We came home to ants last night.  I couldn't sleep with things crawling in our house, so I stayed up and vacuumed, mopped and scoured the kitchen and floors.  *ow*  Woke up at 3AM and couldn't move.  At all.  Paralyzed by severe back pain.]  So, I have to take it easy and if it doesn't get better, back to my little yellow pill friends -- the muscle relaxers.  Meh.

Anyway, we're right on course for 11 weeks!

Baby: Just over 1.5 inches long - a kumquat!!

- almost fully formed; hands able to form into fists

- tooth buds forming

- bones are beginning to harden

- busy kicking and stretching


- Tired

- Backache

- Tired

- Exhausted

- Waaahhhh

That about sums it up!!  Oh!  Here's the picture:

eleven eleven