Thursday, August 13, 2009

:: 3 Year Letter ::

Dear Aidan,

You are three.  THREE!!!

I can't believe it's been 3 years already since I first laid eyes on you.  My little baby boy.

You have changed so much in the last year and have become such a big boy!  You are able to do so many big-boy things like climbing on your toys outside, throwing rocks, skipping, jumping, riding your bike, and you will be going to preschool this fall!!  You love teasing your sister, reading books, singing, playing the drums, listening/watching music on tv, Disney's Cars Movie, Monsters, Inc., Handy Manny, "fixing things" with your toolset, laughing and playing in the water.  You love playing with Kingston, Holland, Sam, Jake, Connor, Kenzie, Carver, and all your other little friends.  You love juice, ice cream, and FRUIT.  You don't like to eat meat very much, but you like mac n' cheese, toast, spaghetti (faghetti), any pasta dish, shrimp, and tomatoes.  You are not a very picky eater.  You are so polite -- always saying thank you, please, and "may i have".  You are quick to hug and quick to say sorry, even though you need reminders once in awhile.  You still sit in time out frequently, because you sometimes forget that mommy doesn't like you to tell her "no" and sometimes you forget to share your toys.  You are great on the potty.  You stay dry all day in your big-boy underwear, but we still have problems when you sleep.  You are a very good/hard sleeper.  3-4 hour nap during the day and 12-14 hours at night, so it's still too long to stay dry every time.  We'll keep working on're almost there!!  You're learning to dress yourself and have finally grown out of your 2T clothes.  You love, love, LOVE running around in your underwear!!  You sit still for your "heecuts" (haircuts).  You still love your "Hee Hee" (stuffed monkey).  You love your daddy.  You love sitting with him, watching baseball and going to games.  You love to yell, "GO, MARINERS!" and correct us if we say, "YAY, MARINERS!"  You love trying to hit/catch a ball too.

You are loved by so many people and are such a joy to be around.  You are beginning to ask lots of questions.  Your favorites are: "What are you doing?" and "Huh?" and "Was that me/you/her/him?"  and "is that funny?"  You are learning about Jesus.  You are learning how to pray and I love how you pray for everyone you love.  I love it when you play your guitar and dance.  I love our dance parties in the kitchen.  I love being your mommy.

I know that time is going way too fast and you are going to keep getting bigger and older.  It makes me sad to see you leaving your baby/toddler years and entering your boyhood years, but I'm excited to see what you do and how you do it.  I grieve the loss of innocence as you become more aware of things and people around you and in this world.  There are so many ugly, ugly things.  But there are beautiful things too.  I'll show you how to find them.

Always love your mommy.  Protect your younger siblings -- especially your sister.  She's gonna need you.  Always love your nana and grandma, bompa and papa, aunts, uncles and cousins.  Try to be like your daddy who is a strong, good man.  Don't be afraid to grow up.  Don't be afraid when you go to preschool.  And be a good boy.

I love you!!!



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