Sunday, July 26, 2009

:: things i cannot live without ::

Three things I cannot live without at the moment:

scones scones

Scones.  I got an amazing recipe from my friend Annie (the Joy of Cooking one, I believe) including instructions for a lovely lemon glaze.  They are fluffy, dense, and wonderful -- especially right out of the oven.  AND they're awesome.  I made some just this morning.  Boy, are they easy to make...and eat.

Act Restoring Mouthwash Act Restoring Mouthwash

Ever since I got my braces off and have to wear retainers at night, I wake up with a weird plastic-y taste in my mouth.  This stuff is awesome.  I hate Listerine [which Ryan uses] because it buuuurns, but this stuff is tingly and wonderful.  So there.

fruit salad fruit salad

Fruit salad.  I don't have much of an appetite when I'm pregnant and have already lost 10 pounds (!!) since this pregnancy began.  I can't eat meat or really rich foods.  I can't eat much of anything.  I fill up easily.  But fruit [and cold cereal] always sounds good.  Always, always, always.  It is one of my pregnancy staple foods.  Luckily, it's a great time of year for this right now.  Fruit.  Oh, and scones.