Thursday, July 30, 2009

:: hawt ::

we're having a heatwave this week in the seattle area -- in the pacific northwest, for that matter.

we've been coping okay up until today.  i try to cool the house at night (to the high 70's/low 80' not that cool) and early in the morning, then we sit and feel the house slowy heat up throughout the day.  today when it hit 84, we lost it (the kids and i).  Literally. Lost. It.  all three of us were crying.  i frantically ran through the house, grabbed what i needed, dressed the kids, and flew out the door.  to get pizza.  at 1:00.  the time the kids usually take their naps.  wouldn't you know it, shortly after we arrived at alfy's pizza (half price pizza from 11-2!), and had ordered, we sat down and i realized their a/c was not working.  we sweated through the meal, aidan dumped his lemonade all over me, the table, and himself.  i looked at delia who was sitting, gnawing on a crust of pizza with a dazed look in her red eyes.  we then rushed out of there to get back into the air conditioned car.  as i was driving to the freeway, the temperature gauge in my car read 108.  DEGREES.  FAHRENHEIT.  GAH.  i decided we were not getting out of the car come hell (it was already here) or high water (please, oh, please) and called ryan to see if we could just drive down and pick him up at work.  so down to seattle we headed.  as i entered the city, it was 105.  DEGREES.  FAHRENHEIT. GAH.  our moods had settled since we were cooled down and the kids were wired and out of their minds with no naps.  i was like, "hi, daddy!  welcome to a car full of crazies!"  we drove back home, left the kids in the car with the a/c running and ran through the house like firemen in a fire drill, grabbing diapers, clothes, drinks and all we needed.  our gracious friends opened their home to a few families for a few hours to bask in their air-conditioned house.  AMEN.  i wanted to cry with glee.  i might have teared up a little.  now, we're home trying to cool down the house, but it's still 85 (D.F. GAH) outside and we finally put the kids in bed around 10 - 10:30 with sippies full of ice water.  talk about delirious little kiddies.  we need more fans. ryan went to home depot and the lady actually laughed at him.  (we won't go into it -- how i wanted to buy another fan a few weeks ago, but ryan told me to wait...)  :)

so here we are.  on our computers, probably warming up the house even more.  but it's too hot to sleep.  too hot to clean (you should see my house).  bleh.  i can't believe i used to live in california where it was regularly 115 (fresno area) and 90's to 100's (chico).  but OH...we had a/c.  i hate this icky heat.  that's one reason i moved here.  this is extremely rare for up here...we broke records everywhere today.  anyway, here's a picture of aidan mowing the lawn yesterday in his underwear.  enjoy.