Thursday, July 30, 2009

:: daddy ::

this is my dad:

papa and delia papa and delia

what strikes me about this picture, is delia is the same exact age i was when my daddy first held me like this.  ooooh, makes me tear up!!

you see, i'm adopted.  but i wouldn't know it.  i would never, ever know it.  i have the best parents ever.

i have the best daddy ever.  i've always been somewhat of a daddy's girl and have had a wonderful male role model my entire life.  always attentive, fun, mixed in with a good sense of humor.

~ he always bought me skittles when we went to the grocery store

~ he frequently got me up out of bed after everyone else was in bed and we shared popcorn and a movie.  one time, we watched Gone With The Wind and i had to have him come pray with me because i was scared of the fire.  thus began my fear of fire as a child.

~ he went to all of my choir concerts - even traveled to Elko once for an all-state choir concert.  i always searched the crowd for his face.  i knew he was proud.

~ when mom was out of town, he fed us pizza and made spaghetti and let us trash the house.  at about 10PM, he'd lead a mad rush to get everything cleaned up before mom got home the next morning.

~ sometimes i thought he was a bit over-protective.  now i have a daughter and i get it.

~ when he'd spank us, he never spanked very hard, but we cried anyway.

~ i always wanted him to pray for me whenever i got sick.  and he always would, even in the middle of the night.  i think i believed he had a direct line to God since he was a pastor and all.

~ he always had good advice, although not always what we wanted to hear, thus not always heeded.

~ he has the kindest heart and truly cares about his kids.

~ he loves his grandbabies (all of them!!) and they love their papa.  he misses the ones he doesn't get to see very often.

~ to others, he's pastor, but he's dad to me.

i requested on facebook for people who know him and have memories to share to put them down.  here are a few...thank you for sharing, guys!!

"Well I really don't know your Dad, but one funny story I remember is when your dad came to Seattle to see you and your just got your VW wagon and it had heated seats and the heat was on but neither you or your dad noticed and he kept saying how hot it was while you where driving around and it wasn't until he left that you found out the heated seat was on.....and you always telling me what wonderful parents you had and just knowing you I would have to say they raised a wonderful woman...Love" - Sheri Miller (a friend of mine from the A&W days)

"One of my favorite memories was about 12 yrs ago when he dedicated Ally he was holding her up for the congregation and she had a serious diaper explosion! Your poor dad was so cool and collected that I didn't even realize what had happened. What a mess. Wish him a blessed and happy B-Day from the Telschows!" - Carol Telschow

"When we were walking along the Seattle waterfront and he fell down in slow motion for no apparent reason and was laying down on the sidewalk but it was such a graceful drawn-out fall he got applause from the homeless guy sitting by the ferry terminal." - Ryan

"All the times we got together Geyer/Murrays the Pillars of the Assembly, the trip to Minnesota and the Doctor Marvin-What about Bob scenarios along the way. All the laughter our families shared. That our families are so close. I still think of you and Linda as my Aunt and Uncle and M, J,B as my cousins. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead Uncle Bruce. Happy Birthday!" - Kimberly (Geyer) McClellan

"As you know, your dad is beyond special to me...I think that his unique place in my life was to take a raw, idealistic young rebel and walk that fine line between grooming him and not squashing him...for that I am forever grateful. I don't think I would have ever been able to accomplish the things I have and contributed to the Kingdom in the degree I have without your dad...and I feel that is a gross understatement of the impact he had on my life...
PS....Bruce, I'm still a tad bit idealistic and a pinch rebellious...but older for sure ;)
I love you...

Even after all these years, it feels weird saying "Bruce" lol.  I love you Pastor Murray :)" - John Zimmerman

"Dan and Anna have a memory to share: first time that Bruce and Linda came to dinner there was a small fire incident, the wok saved the day and the food was edible, but the company was priceless we love you have a happy B-Day. Love the Huberts" - Dan & Anna Hubert

"Happy Birthday, Pastor Murray. I agree with John, it's all about respect. Thank you for being an integral part of the tapestry of our family. The things that you accomplished in Carson most leaders are never able to achieve in a lifetime.
Great memories - a number of which are incredibly funny stories. Many blessings to you and Linda." - Paula Zimmerman

thank you, everybody, who posted.  that is really special!!!

and happy birthday, dad.  if i could, i would give you the world for everything you've given me.  it can never, ever, ever, EVER be repaid.  i would hate to think of where i'd be if it wasn't for you.  i'll always be grateful and i'll never forget it.  i love you, daddy!!!!