Wednesday, June 17, 2009

:: moo-cow ::

i got frustrated this morning. all i wanted to do was sit down and fold a load of laundry. my children are happily playing in aidan's room, i've opened all of the windows upstairs and a nice breeze is flowing through the house. i've lit my new favorite blueberry candle downstairs to try to rid the house of the onion smell from last night's tacos. i pulled the warm, freshly laundered clothes out of the dryer and deposit the pile onto the couch. i settle down and fold precisely 2 items - a washcloth and 1 shirt. all of a sudden, the kids need everything, want everything (i hafta go poop, i wanna watch a movie, let's push all the buttons on the tv/cable boxes/dvd/wireless modem, etc.). i immediately got frustrated and may have spoken a little bit harshly to them. sigh...

loves, hugs, and kisses later, i explain that mommy's a little bit frustrated and needs to fold the clothes. whether they understand me or not, they do understand that mommy loves them very much and sometimes has to say sorry. and they forgive AND forget. they instantly forgive. a lesson for me, perhaps?

and now, as i sit, delia is busying herself with the little people's barn, mooing with the cow and aidan has found a favorite book. i'm going to go tackle that pile of laundry, but first i must remember...they come first. they are my full-time job and #1 priority. the clothes can wait...i think i'll snuggle up with aidan and his book.

lesson learned.