Tuesday, June 9, 2009

:: Jesus and bobbles ::

We are starting to experience some interesting conversations with Aidan.  Tonight we were talking about where our hearts are, pointing to our chests.  He began to ask if everyone (Nana, Papa, Gramma, Bompa, etc.) has a heart.  "Yes, Aidan, (so and so) has a heart."  After listing many things that have hearts, people and animals alike, Aidan asks, "Does a heart have a heart?"  Oh, God help me with this child.  Our conversation then went as follows:

(after our goodnight prayer)

Aidan: where is jesus?

Me: Jesus is in heaven and He lives in your heart too

Aidan: (points to his heart)

Me: Yes, that is your heart.

Aidan: Jesus lives in my bobbles (his word for boobies).

Me: (silence)