Friday, May 29, 2009

:: to be continued ::

oh haaaii, blog.

i haven't forgotten about you.

i've been busy.

last weekend, we spent a wonderful weekend away, camping with 18 or so of our friends up at Rasar State Park.  it was AWESOME.  70 degree weather and NO RAIN the entire weekend!  fabulous time was had.  my mom came and watched the kids for us so we could get away (THANK YOU, NANA!)  the kids are still talking about nana being here.  they miss her.  mom is wonderful and i came home to a clean house, which i've been trying to maintain and beautiful flowers out front!  i just love my mom.

this week has been pretty low-key.  beautiful weather.  seattle is the most beautiful place to live - especially in sunny weather.  you can see mountains, ocean, lakes, rivers, trees, green green green everywhere and i LOVE it.  it's about 80 degrees today (perfect) and i spent most of my afternoon sitting outside while the babies slept.  we're going to have some friends over tonight and will bbq some salmon (yummeh).  love love love.

i'm pondering a p/t job.  the gym i go to is hiring for childcare workers.  it's only during the day and they would allow me to bring my kids with me.  i'm not sure what the pay is.  my only concern is naptime for my kids, which they still take.  they take 3-4 hour naps most days.  that's the only hangup.  i have an application to fill out, so we'll see what happens!  i love my gym - i've done 2 weeks of spinning classes so far (tuesdays and thursdays) and they are really doing some good.  i am in a much better mood, sleeping better, and i can tell a difference a little bit.  i'm going to keep going.  i think i'm addicted.

well blog, delia just pooped and it smells bad so i best be taking care of business.  i'll post again soon.