Saturday, May 30, 2009

:: quietude ::

aidan and ryan have left for a hike.  we didn't have a second pack for gia and i, so we stayed home.  i'm not too upset about it anymore.  the house is quiet and as i sit here, delia is eating her lunch of hot dogs, peaches, and pretzels.  i am enamored by this little girl.  picture it:

sitting in her high chair

green bib

tiny fingers pick up a piece of peach, she switches it to her other hand

humming softly

serious.  solemn. content.

i hear her chewing each piece, smacking her little lips, savoring.

her bitty teeth crunch happily as she chews up her remaining pretzel.

tiny greasy fingers grab her little sippy and she takes a few gulps.

she sighs.

she catches me staring at her and smiles.

i'll go lay her in her crib in a minute and she'll look up at me and squeal.  she does it every time.

she's so easy to please, this child.

she slays me.