Friday, May 1, 2009

:: the plague ::

ryan called me today with some information on a breaking story in the news.  (  apparently, one of the pediatricians from the clinic i took delia to on monday has tested postitive for possible swine flu.  i called the doctor's office, and sure enough, it was the doctor that had seen delia (one of 22 patients) and spent several minutes in very close contact with delia and i.  i have such great luck.  since we all (minus ryan) have upper respiratory symptoms, they strongly urged me to get the kids and i down there to be tested.  so, sick little me packed up both sick little aidan and sick little delia and forged our way down there.  when we arrived, we were met by nurses and a security guard at the door who instructed us to put on face masks and wait for an hour to be seen.  imagine my delight as i realized i had to entertain two sick, tired, hungry kids for an hour, while feeling like walking death myself.    thank GOD there is a coldstone across the street, so we made our way over there and waited.  i got aidan a scoop of strawberry ice cream and settled in, while trying to quiet down a screaming delia.  we only waited about 10 minutes before they called me and said that due to our direct contact with that doctor they were moving us up to the front of the line.  so we threw away our ice cream (poor aidan) and went back across the street to get swabbed.  delia and i both tested negative.  they didn't test aidan because he didn't have direct contact.  thank GOD we are all negative.  they gave us our news and then we went home - three sick, tired, and cranky people.

the end.