Friday, May 8, 2009

:: flat stan ::

a couple of weeks ago, my nephew mason (my brother joey's son) called me up and asked if he could send me a flat stanley.  for those of you who don't know what that's all about, click here.  i was so excited to do it, especially since i had some fun stuff planned and am always ready to snap some pictures.  we live in a pretty cool area with lots to do and see, so i knew i could make it special.  our first trip was to be the Tulip Festival in Mt. Vernon on one sunday sunny afternoon.  then IT happened.  and kenzie, my friend julie's daughter, whom we were supposed to be going with, puked all over her on the way to church (they ride the ferry).  so of course we couldn't go.  flatstanley3boo.  THEN, all of the plagues and pestulance hit our household and we've been pretty much flat on our backs since last monday.  i literally didn't leave my house for a week and a half, except doctor's visits.  anyway, we're finally crawling out of the pit o' dispair - delia and aidan are at about 90%, i'm at about 95% and on antibiotics, and ryan, well...his cold just started.  but at least all 4 of us didn't get it at the same time, right?  silver lining, people, silver lining.

so other than going to a mariners game at safeco field with ryan, poor stan hadn't been anywhere.  today was pretty much the only day i could really get him out for some sightseeing.  so i suckered my poor mother-in-law inflatstanley1to climbing into the car with me on this windy, wet day, with my whiny kids (hey, i bought her a chai tea latte, so back off), and we set out.  our first stop was pike's place market.  i found a 30 minute loading zone, left mom and the kids and literally sprinted through the market and snapping pictures.  (side note: i love that place.  even on the crappiest of crappy days, it's a beautiful, buzzing, bustling place with gorgeous produce and flowers and pretty much everyone has a smile on their face).  of course, i took the time for poor stan to peruse the fresh produce, smell some flowers and see the fish.  i'm not THAT rude.  i sprinted back to my car and we then went to ryan's work and took a picture by the sign.  after that, we went to the seattle center and took pictures showed stan the fountain, EMP, space needle, and pacific science center.   what a day.

pike place pike place

pike place pike place

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