Thursday, April 23, 2009

:: Update ::


i've been away from blogland for a few days, so here's what's been going on:

- had a great Easter with family.  i made a ham (!) for the first time.  in case you didn't know, that is huge for me.

- i've been plugging away at my year, but there is still a lot to do.  been going to the gym pretty consistently, but not consistently enough.  so i need to step it up a bit.  i am pretty sore from yesterday and today's workouts though, so that's a good sign.  i still have a few appointments to make, too.  i can't believe it's already almost May!

- we just got back from spending a few days in Idaho with my family.  it was our first real roadtrip with the kids (more than 2 hours).  our drive to boise was about 8 hours.  we stayed there and drove into Hansen (Twin Falls area) the next morning, which took an additional 2 hours.  our drive back was all in one day - about 12 hours with stopping times.  we stopped in Ellensburg and had dinner with some great friends, the Sandenos.  we were both really surprised and grateful for how well both kids did being in the car for so long.  Aidan had a couple of little meltdowns, but they were shortlived.  Delia hardly made a peep.  they were so awesome.  the weather was beautiful, which made the drive pleasant as well.

- on our way home from Idaho, in the middle of nowhere, Aidan had to go potty.  of course we had to pull over so he could "go".  ryan and i were on either side of him, holding on to him and he stuck his tummy out and peed like mad.  his face was confused at first, then filled with glee as he realized he could pee standing up.  he exclaimed, "I PEE ON THE ROCKS!  I PEE ON THE ROCKS!"

- we enjoyed a traditional service in the small, hometown church my parents pastor in Hansen.  the power went out right when church was supposed to start, so we had church in the dark.  i loved hearing all the sweet voices around me singing the songs and old hymns.  i enjoyed hearing my dad preach and my mom play the piano.  it was home.  it was fun to watch them proudly show off their grandbabies.  the people in the congregation were very sincere and sweet.

- delia is a full-fledged walker now.  she is also starting to talk and loves to sing all the time.  she has such a cute little squeaky voice and i love to hear it.  Aidan overpowers her a lot and is becoming a little bossy, so we're working on that.  it's not rare to find him strongarming her away from a toy or ramming her with his head.  but they've become such great little friends and sometimes play together really nicely.  i'm so glad they're so close in age.  they have so much fun together and will always have each other.  i'm trying to decide when to have our last.  sometimes i think it would be best to just get it over with so they all can be close in age.  hmmmm.  maybe after delia turns two.  or 4.  or...who knows.

- we've gone to two Mariners games so far and they were a blast.  i love baseball games and can't wait to bring the kids this year!

- i have a TON of spring cleaning projects to begin (clean the carpets, pressure wash the house, windows, plant some new plants/flowers).  i'm such a horrible procrastinator and most of these things, well, take money.  ugh.

that's it for now.  i've sort of enjoyed a little break from blogging, but it's time for me to get back on it.

Happy Earth Day!