Sunday, April 26, 2009

:: i deserve an award for today :: I am at 1:14 AM on Aidan-duty.  Actually, Aidan and Delia duty.  Poor Gia has had such a terrible cough and has been coughing all night long, so I was half awake listening for her.  It's funny how us moms can do that.  It's like sleeping with one eye - er...ear open.  It's weird.  But we totally do it.  We moms are pretty incredible.  I can be in a room full of people, have conversations, yet be completely aware of my kids and where they are/what they are doing at the same time.

Anyway, I awoke from my slumber at 12:40 hearing Aidan crying hysterically.  I ran to his room, opened the door, and WHEW...the stench hit me like a brick wall.  I turned the light on...puke EVERYWHERE.  I tried to calm him, ran and got Ryan, and he put Aidan in the bath while I stripped his bed and cleaned up the mess.  Poor little guy.  He isn't running a fever, which is good.  I guess his tummy just decided it didn't appreciate the pizza from dinner.  *shudder*  So he's back snuggled into his bed, with 2 non-pukey new stuffed animals (after I explained that Hee-Hee is in a "bath".  There is a huge tupperware bowl lined with paper towels (I'm not sure why - my mom just always did that) next to it.  I'm going to stay up and be on watch for a bit.  Meanwhile, I can still hear Delia coughing her little head off.

I deserve an award for today.  Earlier, Aidan pooped in his underwear at naptime and it squished all up his back.  I had to clean that up and give him a bath, and now this puking episode.  Ugh.  It has been a Super-Mommy Day.  I love my kids dearly.  But today's events have confirmed: I need a vacation.  Soon.  We leave them overnight with their grandparents and godparents  several times a year just for this reason.  Just to give mommy a break.  Hallelujah.  It's good for them as well!

All seems quiet - I haven't heard a peep from the poor boy.  When Ryan had him in the bath, he looked up at daddy and said, "I'm happy now!"  I don't know how long he had been crying in his bed, but I can only imagine the relief when he saw me come through the door and saved him from his plight.  I'm so glad to be this little guy's mommy.  Glad that I am the one he depends on to help him and make him feel better.  Even at 1 AM.  Yawn...I deserve an award for today.