Wednesday, April 8, 2009

:: fifteen month stats ::

hi all,

I'm still alive over here!  I've just been CRAZY busy.  It's been gloriously sunny and warm and we've been outside playing!  But I'm here now.  You can stop being sad.  There, there.

I took Delia to the pediatrician yesterday for her 15 month checkup.  Here are her stats:

Weight: 21.5 lbs (26th %)
Length: 29 inches (26th %)
Head: 46 cm (67th%)

She is a healthy, vibrant little girl with just an itty bitty cold. She has more teeth coming in, little skinned knees from playing outside, and dry skin. She was given 2 shots (it was pretty dramatic) and we were sent on our way!

Delia is walking more and more these days. She has days when she'll take off and walk, then there are days when she refuses. She's pretty comical. Her personality is also emerging more and more and she is ONE FUNNY GIRL. She will constantly be cracking us up. I can already tell. She's developing an attitude and screams hideously if Aidan takes a toy away from her. She'll have no problem defending herself. I can already tell. She's got fierce love for her daddy. He is her favorite right now. You should see how tightly wound he is around her pinky finger already. She's beautiful.

She's awesome. She's wonderful. And so are you.