Thursday, April 9, 2009

:: dying eggs ::

When I was a youngster, one of my favorite things about the Easter holiday was dying eggs.  I didn't care about hiding them, hunting for them, eating our hollow chocolate bunnies, peeps (ew) or cadbury eggs.  I just wanted to dye those eggs!

When I became a mom, one of the things I was most excited to do with my kids was dye eggs!  This year was finally my year!  I bought the dye when I first saw it in the store (beginning of March?) and have been excited to give it a go with Aidan.  Yesterday, Julie and I stripped the kids down and Aidan & Mackenzie dyed the most beautiful little eggs!  Aidan doesn't quite understand the fragile nature of eggs, so it was funny to see him throwing the egg down into the dye instead of gently lowering it in.  They decorated them with crayons and stickers.  His fingers are still green.