Tuesday, March 10, 2009

:: she's a-walkin' (and other random thoughts) ::

aidan got his first tooth at 10.5 months.  delia got her first tooth at 10.5 months.  aidan weaned himself at 6 months.  delia weaned herself at 6 months.  aidan walked at 14.5 months.  delia took her first steps yesterday at oh, let's see...almost 14.5 months!

ryan and i were passing her back and forth yesterday, trying to get her to take some steps.  she tries to lean back into us or get down and crawl.  i held out a toy, and she did it!  5 steps!  i counted them!  oh boy, am i in trouble when she really decides to take off...!

we got quite a bit of snow yesterday.  it's sunny today, but cold, so the snow at our house has stuck around and is so pretty to look at!  this time change has been a more difficult one for some reason.  bedtime, naptimes...everything is off track.  it's amazing what a difference 1 hour makes.  it's driving me crazy.

aidan likes to pick his nose in bed.  each day, he goes to his bed, finds all of the little dried boogers, picks them up with his twee fingertips, and takes them in the trash, where i hear a little *ping* as they hit the bottom of the metal trash can.  i keep delaying emptying that trash can since we don't really put anything else in there, except for maybe some tissues, tags from clothing and well...boogers.  i wonder how many boogers i'll find when i finally do decide to empty it.  ok, subject change.

i took aidan to his new preschool on friday to visit for a bit.  it's a pretty small class size, which i like, with 1 teach and an assistant.  aidan held back a little bit at first, feeling a bit intimidated by all of the kids playing in the room at different "activity centers", but very quickly realized that there was fun to be had.  he headed straight for the cars on the mat with streets on it and played very nicely with another little girl.  i'm glad we have the hard requirement down (potty-training), but we need to start working more with him on doing it all by himself.  the teacher seemed a bit surprised that he is already (daytime) trained.  i have given a lot of thought about aidan's age and him still being so young (he'll start preschool in september - right after he turns 3).  for me, it just came down to socialization and gaining a bit more independence.  the class he'll attend is 2 days a week, 2 hours each day.  i don't think it's too much.  and he will obviously love it - he didn't want to leave!  i try not to think about it, but i know kindergarten is just a few short years away, with delia following right behind.  we will keep aidan back 1 year before starting him in kindergarten, since he'll be on the younger end, but i know it's coming one day.  sigh.  must have more kids.  i can't believe i just typed that out loud.

i'm going to start working on a series of new posts that i am excited about.  more to come...

until then, look at these:

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bath bath

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