Wednesday, March 25, 2009

:: oh, where have you been, billy boy? ::

This is Billy:


He is my older brother, but not the oldest.  He turns 32 this year.  We are about 1 year and 4 months apart.  He was 1 grade ahead of me in school.  He was like me in a lot of ways.  Not huge on academics, but loved the social scene.  He had many friends in school and was quite popular with the ladies (especially in high school).  He was 1st runner up in our school's man-pageant Mr. Carson High and won the hearts of many ladies when he played the piano and sang a song that he wrote.  When we were kids, he placed an order for wildlife trading cards.  He started receiving hundreds of them that he kept in a little organized box.  My mom didn't know he ordered them and when she got the bill...haha.  He loves animals and wildlife.  I mean, LOOOVES animals.  He also loves the outdoors and gettin' dirty.  He is a true outdoorsman.  He has many amazing talents including, piano (he plays by ear), singing, songwriting and arranging.  He and I used to sing together a lot and even competed together.  His voice is  He is incredibly funny and can make anybody laugh!  He has a huge heart and would do anything for anyone.  He's an extraordinary speaker and incredibly intelligent.  His brain is like a sponge - soaks up everything.  He has an incredible memory.  We were really tight growing up.  We used to play in our little playhouse, feed dog food to littler kids, make roads and cities in the mud for our cars and trucks, ride our pony, climb on the roof, make forts in the sagebrush, ride our bikes, play soccer, and terrorize our oldest brother, Joey.  If there was ever anything going on, we were usually in it together.

Billy had a rough start in life.  He's had to work harder than most of us to succeed.  I'll tell our story in another post (what I know of it, anyway), but all you really need to know about Billy right now is that he's come very far.  I don't know if he really realizes it yet.  He also doesn't quite get how amazing he is.  I worry about him a lot, but I know that ultimately, God is in his heart - a tiny seed planted long ago, along with a certain calling.  He'll realize it soon enough, if he hasn't already.  I've never doubted that he'd find his path in life and I knew he'd take lots of detours to get there.  Billy has an incredible gift of loving people.  He has a huge heart.  He's compassionate and passionate.  He's intense.  He's kind and tender.  He's extremely lovable.  He's fiercely loyal and justice-seeking.  His niece and nephew love him.  He can preach up a storm.  God has lots of stuff He wants us to know, and He wants to use Billy to tell us.  He could create a ministry that would draw tens of thousands - millions, perhaps.  Because he has a story.  He's lived life.  He can connect with people and speak right into their lives, because...he's been there.  I've always thought he could be the next Billy Graham (no name pun intended).  It's only a matter of time before Billy realizes his potential.  And when he does, WATCH OUT.  He's totally gonna rock the world.

I love you, Billy.  I pray for you and thank God for you every day.  I'm proud of you and support you no matter what you choose in life.  Dig your heels in and get it done!  You have many amazing years ahead of you and I'm excited to see what unfolds.  Just hang on to what's important and get rid of all the rest.  Do what you do best.  Do your thing.

aidan and uncle billy - august 2008 aidan and uncle billy - august 2008

playing dolls with delia - december 08 playing dolls with delia - december 08

billy and delia - march 08 billy and delia - march 08

billy playing with 2 of his nephews billy playing with 2 of his nephews

the brothers the brothers

siblings - grandma's funeral feb 07 siblings - grandma's funeral feb 07