Thursday, March 5, 2009

:: The Burger Story ::

irelandIn the late summer of 2003, Ryan and I, along with his parents Dave & Julie, went on a trip to Europe. After landing in London, we took a bus to another airport, and boarded a Ryan Air flight to Dublin. By the time we found a pub in Ireland, we had been up for about 37 hours. We were TIRED. Ryan and I decided to split a 1/4 pound burger between us, and Dave and Julie decided to do the same. Only Dave thought they should get the 1/2 pounder, fearing a 1/4 lb wouldn't be big enough. Julie insisted it would, so the 1/4 lb burger is what they ordered. We deliriously sipped on some pints as we waited for our food. Once they arrived, we were famished and dug right in. Here is the dialogue that ensued:

Dave: (after a few bites) "I KNEW we should've gotten the 1/2 pounder!"
Ryan: "Ours is plenty big enough..."
Dave: "I KNEW we should've gotten the 1/2 pounder! I can hardly taste the meat!"
Julie: "Dave, it's fine!  Just eat it!"
Molly: "Tastes good to me!"
Dave: (disgusted) "I can hardly taste the meat!...(shrugs) it's a good bun though."
(silent eating for a few minutes...)
Dave: (mumbling) "Well, that explains it..."

We all look down at Dave's plate to find that he had taken the beef patty off of his bun in order to spread on some condiments, and had forgotten to put it back on. He had been eating nothing but the bun with mustard and ketchup and a little wilted piece of lettuce! He had eaten quite a bit of it, noting that he could HARDLY taste the meat! It was a good bun, though! All of us instantly fell to pieces. I think the lack of sleep combined with the hilarity of it all completely incapacitated us. We were rolling on the floor and in the booth we were sitting on. The pub staff must've thought we were wasted. That incident kicked off our trip and was only one of many hilarious things that happened on that trip - especially with Dave. But whenever any of us would start to laugh, chuckle, or just smile, we all instantly knew what was funny. That burger story is still a favorite to tell at dinners and family gatherings (sorry, dad).

To this day, we still joke whenever we go out for dinner that they can leave the meat off Dave's burger - he won't notice.

It was a good bun, though!