Wednesday, February 11, 2009

routine and moms.

we picked up my mom at the airport on sunday evening.  she is staying with me while ryan does a bit of traveling for work (reston, virginia = nothing exciting; sorry if you're from there, which would be random and oh well).  i am inhaling paint fumes so this might get a little crazy.  BWAAA!

we painted my room today - a lovely, cool, light greeny blue to go with my bedroom set, which looks like this:


it sure looks purdy.  as i sit here, i feel calm.  relaxed.  almost zen.  or it could be the paint fumes.  seriously though, it is really a handsome room now.  i need to hang some pictures, decor, get some new curtains, and de-clutter.  and then i'll be deliriously happy with it.  which, for some reason, leads me to my next thought:

i need routine.  i just do.  i am one of those people who, if i don't have a solid routine, i go off and forget things, forget to do things, have disorder and chaos.  it just happens.  i've always been this way.  i'm not talking about needing a "schedule"...i could never stick to any schedule.  i beat myself up if i set a schedule and don't stick to it.  so forget that.  i just need a routine.  a process.  [get up, shower, eat breakfast, get the kids up, feed / dress them, clean house, make lunch, play with the kids, put them down for naps, work out, make dinner, blah blah blah] and then wake up and do it all over again.  i mean, i do all of these things, just not....every day.  or in this order.  but i am quickly realizing.  i need order.  i need routine.  i need some discipline in my life.  how do you, women, handle your daily life at home/work?  do you schedule?  plan?  routine?  I NEED TO KNOW.  what works for you?  i need a way to be able to get weekly cleaning done too, which is often overlooked due to...lack of routine.  ???????

i look around a lot and see clutter/dust, toys, laundry, unkempt bathrooms/bedrooms, a sink full of dishes and AGHHHHHHH!!  it's just not working out.  housework and i have a love/hate relationship.  i hate the thought of cleaning, but when i actually begin...i kind of enjoy it.  and i absolutely LOVE the end result.  i'll have to figure it all out.  anyway...that's where my brain is at these days.

here are some cute pictures of my babies:

we found her doing yoga we found her doing yoga

making cookies with daddy making cookies with daddy

first hairdo first hairdo

achoo achoo

i miss you, ryan.