Tuesday, February 17, 2009


rings1Every once in awhile, something occurs in my day-to-day life that gently reminds me that - hey! - I'm important to God. Sometimes it's a word from someone, a kind act, or a simple, answered prayer. Last night was such on occasion. As I had previously blogged, my mom came to stay with me all of last week while Ryan was in Virginia for work.  The day she arrived, she misplaced her rings - wedding ring, pearl ring, and grandfather's wedding ring, all fastened together by her gold hoop earrings.  She thought she had maybe left them at home, but was sure she had brought them and searched the house thoroughly.  She went home yesterday.  I called her last night about her rings, and she had not found them at home.  She was resigned to the possibility that they were mistakenly dropped and maybe thrown away in last week's trash.  As I hung up the phone, I had a very heavy heart since I know how much those rings mean to my mom.  I leaned against the counter and whispered, "Lord, please help me find those rings.  Please."  I immediately walked to the couch in the family room, pulled out the recliner, and stuck my hand down the side.  Way, deep down in the crevass of the couch cushion, my hand enclosed around: 2 cheerios, 1 pink pacifier, and a small, shiny bundle of...rings.  This all happened in a time span of less than 30 seconds.  I immediately called my mom and said, "Are you sitting down?" ...


And Thank You.