Monday, January 26, 2009


sewingmachinesewingmachMy mom got me a sewing machine awhile back and I love it!  But it frightens me because I don't know how to use it well.  I am determined to get it out and make some things this summer (going to try this).  I would also like to make some tablecloths and placemats and such.  DETERMINED, with the help of my mom, that I can make SOMETHING great, like an A-Line skirt.   Eventually, I'd like to make some pillows too!  Anyone have any great patterns to share for any of the above ideas?  Advice to get started?  I'm excited that my mom will be here in a couple of weeks, again in March, and again in May!!  Lots of time to do some sewing projects!  Eventually, I would also like to make a little quilt for each of the kids with patches of some of their clothes and blankets that were my favorites.  I will be calling on those of you who I know are quilters (ariannaleah?).  Also, does anyone know where to get some great fabrics (I like vintagy ones) I am anxious to get started!!

Some other projects I would like to get done this year are:

Finish Delia's room (shelves, pictures, etc.) ::  Install shelves in the garage to get all of the boxes and stuff off the floor, thus creating more room (would like to plan a shelf-hanging, beer-drinkin' BBQ party for some guys) ::  Paint my downstairs bathroom and hang pictures :: Print and frame pictures of the kids ::  Plant some more flowers outside (my mom usally helps me with this!) ::  Install hooks in the kitchen / garage to hang stuff (Ryan?)  ::  clean out / organize the kids' closet (and mine!) ::  Donate some toys ::  repaint my kitchen wall ::  Paint my hallway / upstairs bathroom ::  Donate a carload of stuff

I know there's more that I'm not thinking of, and I'll have to tweak the list.  I'm just ready for some spring cleaning and organization around here!!  Well, WordWorld is over and I have at least 4 loads of laundry to do.  Have a happy Monday, if there IS such a thing!!  Love.