Wednesday, January 14, 2009

let's hear it.

some exciting things are happening in my life.  let's face it - i'm 30.  i'm feeling like i need to take control of some things and make them better.  taking them off the back burner and into the forefront of my daily life.  i'm excited about some of the personal changes i am making.  i hesitate posting goals and plans publicly because 1 - it's personal, and 2 - it kind of holds me accountable.  i've decided that's not a bad thing.  so i finally re-joined my own gym and am taking some time out each week to go ALONE (sqee!) and work it out.  i used to "work out" (i hate that term) when i worked full time - sometimes with a buddy and sometimes alone.  even though i do miss going with a buddy, i am seriously looking forward to some alone time!  and that's just not like me!!!  ACK!!  i find with taking care of my house, meals, 2 babes, etc. that alone time is crucial.  and it needs to be away from the house.  sweet, huh?  what do you guys think?  is it easier to excercise with a friend (accountability, motivation, etc.) or are you better off on your own?  why?

i'm excited to use my new Sansa MP3 player and listen to music i've been wanting to get caught up on.  i'm even thinking about downloading some ebooks.  who knows, i might get all crazy like that.  i surprise myself sometimes.  anyway, when you see me - if you see me, make sure you tell me how great i look so i'll keep it up.  ha ha...ha?

in other news, my little boy is on his way to potty training freedom.  he has been doing SO well!  i just decided, dang it, it's time!  so, we've been doing NO diapers (except bedtime and bye bye if there's not a toilet nearby) and he's been doing awesome with surprisingly very few accidents!  he loves his rockin' elmo underwear and reminds himself everytime we put them on, "NO POTTY IN UNNERWEAR!"  what a kid.  i decided that if i left it up to him, he'd still be 12 and peeing in his pants, so we bit the bullet and went hardcore.  i'm so proud of him.  if you see him, give him a high 5 for wearing big boy undies so he'll keep it up.

our new pastor's first sunday is this sunday.  we are beyond excited - for the fenton's and for what's happening in our church.  i sincerely have never known such a great, amazing group of people.  i'm proud to be a part of a congregation who has risen to the occasion, stepped up, led, become involved and made a difference.  it's highly unusual to go through such changes and hardly lose anyone.  i'm glad that i'm not the only one who believes in The Rock and what it stands for.  believe me, between me, you, and the fencepost, there have definitely been times when ryan and i wanted to run, but that's not who we are.  when things get tough, we dig our heels in for the long haul.  and so do the rest of the folks at The Rock.  they are tough.  (i'm so darn proud of all of you.)

2009 is already off to a great start.  i'm anticipating more great things to come.  for now, i'll keep looking at my goals, tweeking them, sticking on the path towards victory and bettering myself as a friend, daughter, wife, and mom.  i love my life.  sigh...

img_2711me and the girls on my birthday...awwww