Tuesday, January 6, 2009

idaho christmas

**2 posts in one day!!  Hooray for me!**

Christmas day evening, we braved the snow and headed out to Idaho to visit my folks and brother and sister.  We had really been looking forward to this visit, especially since my Mom and Dad hadn't seen the kids in a couple of months and they had really changed.  Our days there were spent resting, resting, resting, and watching tons of movies.  We had Christmas with my family, including a turkey dinner.  Yum!  My mom is such a great cook.  Ryan really loves going to Costco, so we went there a couple of times.  It was great visiting with my brother too, who is always such a fun guy to be around.  The kids really love their Uncle B!  Melissa loved running around with Aidan and reading him books.  She even changed a couple of diapers!  Thanks, Auntie!!  Aidan still talks about you!  Papa introduced Delia to mashed potatoes and taught her a new trick - begging!!  It brought back memories of my papa feeding me little bites of food off of his plate when I was really little.  Nana just loves getting on the floor with the kids, playing with toys and tickling!  She sings songs with Aidan and gives the kids baths, which they love!  We celebrated Delia's first birthday on the 28th with yummy desserts.  We went to the outlets before we flew out and she bought the kids some much-needed clothes for the coming year.  She and my dad are the best Nana and Papa ever!!  We truly enjoyed our time there and look forward to our next visit!  I'm so grateful for webcams!  Anyway, the only people missing were my other brother Joey, his wife Kendra and my neice Makayla, and nephews Mattox and Mason.  Maybe next year!!!

Here are some pictures from the visit:

birthday cake birthday cake

cheesecake cheesecake

first mashed potatoes from Papa first mashed potatoes from Papa

MMmmmmm MMmmmmm

beautiful auntie melissa beautiful auntie melissa

kisses and tickles from Nana kisses and tickles from Nana

Time with Uncle Billy Time with Uncle Billy

drums set up by Nana drums set up by Nana

spending time with Papa (sorry for the bedhead shot, dad!) spending time with Papa (sorry for the bedhead shot, dad!)

playing dolls with Uncle Billy playing dolls with Uncle Billy

happy birthday, Gia! happy birthday, Gia!