Thursday, December 11, 2008


There is a show on PBS that Aidan loves called WordWorld ( He absolutely adores this show. Basically, everything in WordWorld is made out of the letters that form that item. Example: the barn is made out of the letters B-A-R-N, etc. Each of the animals, (formed out of their respective letters) have different adventures and talents. The frog is an inventor, the pig bakes, and the sheep likes to solve problems. Anyway, any time they need a certain item, they "build a word" by using the letters that spell that word. They need a drum? Just build it! Need a pie? Build it! Need a coat because it's raining? Build it! Need Food? Build it! Need shelter? Built it! PRESTO!! Get the picture? The other day, Frog built a robot that would produce extra "S" letters to put at the end of words. They needed more pizza - added an "S" at the end of their lone pizza and Voila! More pizza! More trains! More cars! It went on and on.

I sat there watching and thinking, "wow". Wouldn't it be great if the world really operated like this? I need a new sweater! Build it! I need an it! I need money...hey, I'll just build it! My kid needs more diapers! I'm out of formula! She needs a new pair of shoes! No problem, I'll just build them! Kind of reminded me of the whole "name it and claim it" practices I've heard about in some churches. In WordWorld, the story with the robot and the "S" letters ("S-es"?), everything got totally out of control. Pizzas and cars and trains and stuff started piling up everywhere. It made me realize that this fantasy - the one where I just build the word of whatever I need, would never work after all. I mean, these poor little animals will never learn the meaning of hard work. Listen, I know it's just a kids' show, but it sure got me thinking. You can learn a lot about life from WordWorld. Aside from the whole "build a word" fiasco, it does teach a lot about friendship, teamwork, and sharing. And that's okay with me. Now...I need to go get some coffee and I seem to be missing my letter "F"...