Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Aidan loves the drums. Ever since he was almost 9 months old, he would chant "Mmm-mmm-UHHH" (We Will Rock You-style) and he hasn't quit since. He is obsessed with music, musical instruments, but particularly the drums and rhythm. He recieved a miniature full drum kit from his beloved godparents, and if he could, he'd spend HOURS a day playing. We are starting to get a little worried about his hearing and will soon be purchasing some headphones and trying to convince him to wear them. The thing is, he's good. He's really, really good. I try to catch him playing when he doesn't know I'm looking, because he seems to play best when he's alone. As soon as he sees me, he grins and starts messing around, trying to be funny. (wonder who he gets that from...) He likes to play around with different rhythms. We recently found out, when a friend started playing guitar along with him, that he would adapt his rhythm to any of the Led Zepplin songs our friend would play. He loves Led Zepplin. Anyway, I tried to capture some video tonight and hopefully I got something that really shows his talent. Oh yeah, and Delia? Started chanting the same rhythm. At 9 months. God help me.