Monday, December 8, 2008

i'm about to scream.

okay, so I realize this whole elf thing kind of got out of control. I apologize. Sort of. It's still kind of funny....*snicker*

I have been EXTREMELY busy as of late. And I'm tired. I can honestly say that this is the first year that I feel too tired to put up my Christmas decorations. I wasn't even this tired when I was hugely pregnant last year....sigh. Possible Causes:

1 - Watching a 6-week old baby (Cooper) all last week and this week too. (He's a good baby, just a lot to take on with 2 other kids).
2 - Insanely busy schedule - parties, parties, parties, and such.
3 - A 2-year old. Enough said.
4 - A sick Delia (such a bad cold - poor baby).
5 - Shopping. (Outlets on Thursday, Mall today- insane).

I'm trying to tackle a few things this week, such as Christmas cards, getting the kids' pictures taken, and finishing all of the house decorations. As well as the rest of the things I'm horribly behind on, such as laundry, the bathrooms, and overall housework. We had a party Friday night that I still haven't had time to clean up from. Sometimes I feel like I'm quite literally losing my mind. Plus, Aidan is so ready to be potty trained and I need to finish that up. All that to say, I do have a very busy life, but they are all good things that are keeping me busy. I try to keep that in mind when I feel overwhelmed. I have great, wonderful, precious kids that keep me running, a lovely, cozy home to clean and live in. We all have clothes to keep us warm and un-naked, a kitchen that I cooked food in that needs to be cleaned, and friends who hold parties for us to go to and have fun at. This is my favorite time of year and I have lots of fun decorations to put up. See? I feel better already. Sigh.

I have some sweet pictures of Aidan helping us decorate the tree. I'll post them tomorrow. As for now, I need to get to bed early in order to face another busy week! Goodnight!