Saturday, November 29, 2008

Post-Thanks **LONG BLOG**

**Now that the sick-fog is clearing from my head, I can finally finish my Thanksgiving post that I started a long time ago:

As I reflect on the past whirlwind of the holiday weekend, many things cross my mind. Here are a few of them:

Ryan - Even after 8 years, we're still learning how to be married. And that's okay. We have 2 beautiful kids who are thriving. You work so hard to provide what we need and are such a terrific dad. You're honest, faithful, and driven. I love being around you. We have a lot of fun together and I look forward to growing even older with you. I love you and you love me. That's really all I need.

Aidan & Delia - Even though you two can't read this, you bring me JOY. You two are SO EASY!! Thank you for sleeping, playing, and just all-around existing so well. You both are so funny, outgoing, and SO DANG CUTE!! You make being your mommy very fun. I love you!

My Mom - You would give the shirt off your back. As you get older (sorry), you remind me more and more of grandma. And that is a HUGE compliment, as there was no greater lady. You spoil my kids, but that's Nana's job. They love their Nana SO very much. There is no greater woman for me to look up to than you. You're the best mom and I love you.

My Dad - Your heart and strength is TREMENDOUS. I love to watch you play with your grandkids, who clearly love their Papa. You are truly Papa II. You've taught me so much in life - how to be strong, courageous and wise. You are tenderhearted. You are the most courageous man I know. Simply put, you are my daddy and you always will be. I can always depend on you.

Melissa - Watching you grow up has been such a joy for me. I'm impressed by your willingness to put yourself out there, try new things, and SUCCEED. You inspire me to do the same. You are so talented. You have such a loving spirit and a love for God. Always keep making wise decisions, and those things you are truly longing for in life will come your way. Just keep working hard and don't be hard on yourself when others may put you down. You are a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for. And you're growing up way too fast. Slow down.

Joey - Ahhh, brother. I miss you. I'm thankful for you each and every day. You are one of the strongest people I know and you have risen above so much adversity. You're an amazing husband and father. You've watched out for me my whole life and I know you're just a short phone call away.

Billy - Even though I don't see you or talk to you often (and I don't even think you read this blog), you are my heart. You are so smart, talented, and tenderhearted - and you waaay underestimate yourself. You still have so much life ahead of you and I'm excited to see where you end up in life. You are simply amazing. Please keep in touch more often. I miss you.

Mom (Julie) - It's hard to believe you're my mother-in-law because you've become such a good friend to me. You're easy to talk to, supportive, and a ton of fun to be around. You have such a deep love for your kids and grandbabies. You gave me one awesome husband, as well as the encouragement I have needed in order to live with him! :) You truly have a heart of gold. I certainly scored in the in-law department. I just love you so much.

Dad (Dave) - You are hysterical. You would drop everything and help out your kids. You work hard and you're the best "Bompa". You also give us great stories to talk about over and over again to make us laugh :) Seriously, though, you are just all-around fun to be around!

Robin - It seems like I've known you forever. You know, you're just one of "those" friends. I couldn't get through life without you. You truly care deeply about people, you have a passion and gifting with kids (including my own), and one day, will make an incredible mom. You are firm in your beliefs. You're fiercely loyal. You cry easily, which proves what a tenderhearted person you happen to be. Aidan and Delia ADORE you and Uncle "Tad" and talk about you often. You are one of my most treasured friends. I hope we get old together.

Julie - When we met, we were both hot, uncomfortable, and hugely pregnant. That formed an instant bond. You're such a terrific friend. You're a wonderful mom. You're honest (which I love about you), funny, intelligent, and not afraid to assert yourself when you need to (again, which I love). You face challenges head-on and with such optimism, which I admire. You listen to my crap with smiles and hugs, which I appreciate. You're uplifting to be around. You are one of my most treasured friends. I hope we grow old together (plus, Aidan and Kenzie have to get married, you know).

Laura - You take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. You are one of the strongest people I know. We have a good time together and you're so easy to talk to. I know I can always depend on you for an honest and heartfelt answer. You have such a similar sense of humor and you "get" me. You're a terrific mom and wife! You're a great cook! But I think the thing I love most about you, is that you're just always there. Thanks for listening to a lot of my stuff and not being judgemental. Here's to many more dinner-dates and guitar hero nights. Oh, and Sequence, of course. We love coming to your house, where it's comfy and cozy. Ryan and I thank God for you and Charley and Carver too)

Scott & Michelle - Michelle, you know me, support me, and love me through all of the goings-on in my life. We've been through a lot together. You know me probably better than most people. You always know just what to say and when to say it. You're incredibly strong. You're honest and caring. You're hysterically funny. You're a softie...And I just love you! Scott - you've been like a big brother to me for so long now. I can be honest with you about things and expect honest advice back. You make me laugh. You're always find time for your wife and girls. You wrestle with Aidan when Ryan is out of town (What a great God-daddy!) You both are always a great example to Ryan and I. And we miss you terribly every Sunday.

Cam & Marissa - We talk about you around here pretty much every day. We, and Aidan and Delia, LOVE you both so much. I've told you before - if you ever need ANYTHING, Ryan and I are always here for you. Marissa, you are so smart, beautiful, and amazingly funny. Aidan and Delia (but Aidan especially) ADORE you. Cambria, you are beautiful, talented, and confident. Aidan and Delia ADORE you! You both have had a pretty tough year, and I'm proud of the way you've handled it with such great attitudes. Just remember - if you ever need an escape from the south, just head to our house!

There are soooo many more of you, but this post has already taken eleventy-million days to write. I have so much in my life, and so many people in my life to be thankful for that I couldn't possibly contain it all in just one post!