Friday, November 14, 2008

oh well...better luck next year.

so, i'm a terrible blogger. i will remove my NaBloPoMo badge in shame.

i'll keep trying to post daily though, so i'll be all warmed up for next year. sigh...

so, as i sit here with my coffee, by the fire, looking outside at the colorful trees, trying to think of a subject for today's post...i got nothin'. blank. and it's wonderful. the kids are still asleep (!) and i'm taking advantage of it. i have to clean the bathrooms today though. that's on my mind. sorry, people, it's all i've got. i'll post later when i'm more inspired. oooh, i just thought of my next post! but i have to go get my camera first to upload a few pictures. and that would involve putting my coffee down and getting up. and i'm not ready to take that step in our relationship. later, friends...later. hugs.