Monday, November 3, 2008

National Blog Posting Month...OOPS

so, we're only on day 3 and i've already screwed it up! i hit "save" last night instead of "publish"....sigh. i'm so lame.

so i may be out of the running (already?!) but i'm still going to try to finish the challenge. here's yesterday's post:


went to uwajimaya (sp?) and B&O Espresso today with pals Robin and Julie. It was nice to spend a quiet afternoon sitting and sipping aztec coffee and eating le poire rouge. I love B&O Espresso...

Ryan and I have frequently visited B&O. It's one of our special places, you could say. We went there when we first started to date and spent many evenings over a piece of bailey's cheesecake (theirs is the best), getting to know each other. We went there right after Ryan proposed. I miss going there with him - it's been quite awhile. It's sad how life can get too busy to enjoy the little things like that. Ryan, it's time to go back there on a date. Anyway, I enjoyed sharing it with my buddies. Afterwards, we braved Seahawk Stadium territory, took forever to find parking, so we could go to Uwajimaya - now one of my FAVORITE places. I want to go back. I stocked up on coconut milk for my curry dishes, and soy sauce, and a few other weird things that seemed interesting. And it's so inexpensive! I bought a ton of stuff for just $14! A bargain, I tell you.

And now, I'm watching Treehouse of Horror with Ryan and Kyle, with my little girl snuggled in my arms. Sigh...