Monday, November 24, 2008

monday night fortune

it's coozy tonight.

These are the thoughts popping into my head as I sit. In order:

I spent most of the day cleaning downstairs, getting ready for Thanksgiving on Thursday.
I love looking around at a clean kitchen and family room.
Ryan goes to play music with some guys on Monday night.
I have never met them, nor heard them play.
It's always the kids and I.
Delia is crawling around with the toys - oh yeah, she crawls now.
Sometime she does what we call "the wounded soldier", which is sort of an army crawl.
It's my favorite.
I have it on video...I should post it.
Delia says, "Hi, Gia!" now.
It's weird to hear her squeaky twee voice.
She's also pulling herself up to stand on EVERYTHING.
Aidan and I are watching "fo' tin" (Wheel of Fortune).
It's our Monday night tradition - just us two.
He likes to say all of the letters and clap when the wheel spins.
He's smart and knows all of his letters and is almost pottytrained.
I'd be good at that show...
I thought about trying to get on it with my mom as a team one day.
We could get rich.
I'm going to be 30 next month.
Delia will be 1.
I'm not sure I'll feel like celebrating, but I will anyway.
I can't wait until I can decorate for Christmas.
I have secretly been playing Christmas music when Ryan isn't home.
I've been teaching Aidan "Jingle Bells".
I love how Aidan talks to Delia.
He raises the pitch of his voice just like we do - "Hi, Gia!"
I had a yummy salad for dinner.
I'm sad that Mother's Cookies went out of business.
I don't really eat cookies, but I liked the animal ones with the pink and white icing.
And sprinkles.
I'm cold.
I'm going to put the kids to bed and take a bubble bath with a glass of wine...
...As soon as Fo' tin is over.