Friday, November 7, 2008

it's brag on my kids time.

so, i am a big dork and forgot to post yesterday. see? challenge for me. a big challenge. sigh...anyway, here's a cute picture to make up for it. and i'm still gonna try. so there.

so ryan and i are leaving today for a little staff retreat in Port Townsend. we went there last year too for our anniversary and i am really looking forward to going back. this time i won't be hugely pregnant and will enjoy myself a lot more! we are leaving the babes with gramma and bompa (ryan's folks). we pretty much always leave them there for any overnight trips - there and sometimes at keri's (whom they also love). one thing i'm glad of: i got my babies used to sleeping at other places at an early age. my kids have always been pretty mellow - minimal to no stranger anxiety, outgoing, and pretty relaxed. i am not sure who they get this from. maybe the both of us. they have never cried for me as i leave them at gramma's - aidan pretty much shuts the door on me, "bye, mommy!". at first, this used to make me a little sad, but now i'm just grateful that they have people in their lives that they love enough and feel loved by, so they don't miss me so much. but still...just a little whine? please?