Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i'm sick - i had to cancel thanksgiving at my house and move it to my mother-in-law's...(thanks, mom!). and i had all these big dreams of brining my turkey and making the most yummiest stuffing and mashed potatoes. yay, body - thanks for getting sick. thanks to you, i won't even be able to TASTE anything on the best day of the year for tasting. Grrr...

Went to the walk-in today and was sure i have a sinus infection, but alas, doctor does not agree. she wants to give it some time (6 days?!?) and if it's not better, she'll prescribe something. i have had many of these before, and i know that's what it is. too bad i have to get worse before i can get better. yay for doctors.

i have nothing else to say. i want my mom. here's a video.