Friday, October 10, 2008


I've been really bad with the blog lately. I'll blame it on busy-ness. So there.

We returned Monday evening from a weekend in Idaho to visit my folks and sister in the Boise area. My lovely cousins - Amy (with Justin, Amelia, and Lily) and Erin (with brand new daughter Sylvia) were in town from Colorado and I looked forward to the opportunity of getting the kids all together (wish Joey & Kendra with their kids were there!). My aunt drove up with another of my cousin's little boy, Cameron, who is a little bit younger than Aidan. We all had a great time just hanging out and catching up. Going to mom and dad's is always like a retreat to me. I get a little break and get to just chill, which is much-needed for me. Aidan is old enough to really remember Nana, Papa, and auntie Melissa too, which is nice - he has a lot of fun and is sad to leave, as we all are. Idaho is a completely different lifestyle than here. Slower, more laid-back, and simpler. I love visiting.

Fun Fact: liquor is not served in Idaho on Sundays. Wine and beer - yes, but not liquor, as we learned at Red Robin when I ordered a foo-foo drink.