Friday, September 5, 2008

the saga continues:

just a couple of updates:

again yesterday morning: 5AM
this morning: 5:30AM
letter is in the mail.

13816 14 PL W
Lynnwood, WA 98037, in case you care to send a letter from wherever you live, because i'm sure you can here him from way out there...(hee, erin!)

ryan asked me this morning, "why can't you just go over there and talk to them nicely instead of sending a nasty letter?"

this is why:

i just got home from lunch with laura (la palmera - yay!) and costco (yay?)and i decided, since i was out, to do a quick drive by at the Barking Dog House (which now shall be referred to as B.D.H.). sure enough, there is what looked like the same dog as before, all tied the house across the street from the original house that i saw the dog tied up at...? what the...? i was thoroughly confused (more on that in a minute). i could plainly see a silhouette of a person (male, i think) sitting, just chilling, in the front room of the B.D.H...SO THEY ARE HOME THIS ENTIRE TIME THE DOG IS BARKING IN THEIR BACK YARD. this is why i can't be nice. just b/c of that fact alone. in fact, it was all i could do to not step out of my car and if my darling babes hadn't been in there....i, in all my sleep-deprived craze, would've absolutely LOST IT on the guy. makes me want to call someone to come watch the kids so i can go back over there.

ANYWAY, i remembered waaaay back when i talked to the lady who lives behind me (one of the ones who "doesn't wanna rock the boat; they're our neighbors, after all...we just tune it out") and i vaguely remember her saying there are 2 german shepherds who are related (how sweet) who live next to each other. 2 dogs! i think i am dealing with 2 dogs here! my, this just got a LOT more complicated.

i listened for a bit, and the dog i was listening to is definitely the one i hear most of the time, i think....i think. so, i sent them the letter. they should receive it tomorrow or monday. hallelujah. maybe he'll share it with his neighbor who has the other dog. if this doesn't help, i'm going to need a new plan. i'm going to canvas the neighborhood. and i'm taking lisa whittle with me. she can bring her dog, meg, with her so that we don't look like dog-haters - just people who are looking for some peace and quiet and lower blood pressure.