Thursday, September 4, 2008

Quick! Someone make me a prototype!

4:15AM, people. FOUR-FIFTEEN! The letter goes in the mail TODAY. after i look up their address, which may include a drive-by. oh, resist the urge to bring a .22 and PUT AN END TO IT MYSELF. RESIST!!

if this continues...i'm going to need a therapist.

i laid there in bed (at 4:15, mind you) and thought about hopping into my car and knocking on their door. then visions of being assaulted with a baseball bat and my windows smashed in kept me snuggled under my covers, listening to a dog that i could hear even with MY FAN ON AND WINDOW CLOSED. then i had a dream that i bought a new car and it was a sports car, but it sat 7 and i could walk around in it. it had sweet running lights on the floors like at the movie theater. i forfeited a test drive, but was too busy (?) to go in and do the paperwork thing, so friend Laura went in and did all the paperwork for me (nice friend) and came out carrying (!) my car. she came out with a red one, but i made her go back in and get the silver that i had wanted. (sidenote: it also had sweet decals of ocean waves on the sides)...then i climbed in and realized that i had to PEDAL it like a bike. i was so not having that. then i decided i wanted the red one after all.

what a weird dream.
stupid dog.
but thanks laura, for carrying my car for me...

ps. it was a sweet looking car in my dream and everyone was jealous.