Monday, September 1, 2008

pig in a pit

so, yesterday afternoon i arrived at my very first (that i can remember) pig roast. fun fact: i eat meat. i like, even love meat. i love me a big steak in the summer. or a burger even. but i've always had a hangup with pork. i like bacon with my eggs and hashbrowns. i've been known to eat pork tenderloin or pork ribs on occasion, but i can rarely stomach any ham. i don't know why, but to me, ham is so....ugh. anyway, with pork, i've always had a thing about where it came from. pigs. ew. so, last night i saw this huge lump of a pig body underneath foil in a huge pit and thought to myself, "well, at least it's not on a spit - thank God!" when they took it out of the pit and flopped it onto the table with the juices running out the side and over the side of the table, people ran over with dishes to catch the "gravy". it was all i could do to even look at the body. my stomach literally turned. now, i am not naive in thinking that all meat comes from the nice people at the supermarket who grow it in the back and package it up for us. my grandfather was a farmer in idaho. we had 1/2 a cow every year. i vistited a chicken butchering plant (not something you'd wanna see) i know where meat comes from. but to see that pig body....shudder... ryan grabbed my hand and pulled me up there, ripped off a piece of pork from the pig and handed it to me. and you know what? it was good. really good even! i just had to get over it and just try it and i was pleased. and it's a good thing, because i have another (!) hog roast next weekend...ryan won't be with me, so i'll have to get brave.