Monday, September 29, 2008

One. Of. Those. Days.

i had so much other stuff i wanted to blog about, but this trumps it all.

it is with a big, heaving sigh of relief that i bring this day to a close. cranky, non-napping kids do not agree with me. mondays are loooong days for me as it is, what with ryan leaving practically as soon as he gets home until usually pretty late. so, needless to say, i didn't need the extra challenges. i'll share one: usually, aidan wakes up between 8 or 8:30 - sometime 9AM. He'll stay in his bed, playing and talking and singing, until ryan or i come get him. this morning, he was still pretty quiet at 9, so i went to wake him up. i met this scene: naked boy, jammies nicely unbuttoned and removed, as well as diaper. i can smell it, but i find an empty diaper. where, oh where is the poop? in his bed, with him, of course! he is laughing and very entertained. i don't know what to do, so i smack his bottom (flinch) and throw his happy self into the tub. this scene debuted at saturday naptime, with a repeat performance this morning. so today started off kind of...well, pooey.

does anyone have similar, um, challenges? any advice or suggestions? i have enough laundry to do and adding bedding and stuffed animals as a daily load makes me want to bang my head against the wall. hard. tonight, i took someone's suggestion and safety pinned his zip up jammies on the inside. i made him try to unzip it and he couldn't. at least not then. so, unless he develops some kind of super-human strength or figures out how to undo the pin (which i wouldn't put it past him - he can unlock pretty much any cell phone, even the iPhone), i should be safe this time. yuck.

speaking of ending the day...good night.