Wednesday, September 10, 2008

i'm sitting out here in the backyard (where it's deceivingly cold) waiting for aidan to slide down the slide by himself (he won't let me help him). i have a very cautious child. i know i will never have to worry about him diving off things or climbing on the roof. he has a climbing toy with a platform and telescope, which he stands and sings into very loudly because he thinks it's a microphone. it's hysterical. i'll try to get some video of it sometime...

geez, it's backyard does not get direct sunlight. i'm sure it's warmer in the sun. i wish i had some right now. ok. he's sitting on the slide (this is huge, people).

anyway, the reason for my post. i think they got my letter (squealing and biting fingers)! i hear the dog barking, but it's muffled like it's indoors, but with the window cracked. do i dare hope?!? it's been a little teensy bit quieter this week, so maybe they're making an effort?!? i'm holding my breath. so all is quiet on the dog barking saga for now. aren't you people relieved?

he did it. he went down the slide. yay!!