Friday, September 12, 2008


so, it was wishful thinking on my part...the dog's been going strong since 6:30 this morning...sigh. that's all i'm going to say about it for now, until i come up with my next plan.

i have some pictures that i want to post, but my camera is somewhere else. so when i get it back, i'll post them.

our morning routine (the kids and i) is one of my favorite times. every morning, i try to tuck the memory of it deep in to my heart. i get up early now, have an hour or so of ME time, which includes coffee/tee, catch up on blogs/email, read the news. i'll hear the babes stirring around 8:30 or 9 and go up to aidan's room first, where he usually announces that he has pooped. lately, he looks at me with concerned eyes and an "awwww..." and hands me a leeetle, tiny ball of white fuzz. "oh, Hee-Hee" (Hee-Hee is his stuffed monkey that he's had for FOREVER). he's been picking out batting from a hole by Hee-Hee's eye. this has gone on for 3 mornings now. i figure by the end of next year, Hee-Hee won't have any batting left...poor Hee-Hee. anyway, back to routine: we promptly change the said pooey diaper and chat a little. then, with aidan leading the way, we go into delia's room to say good morning. "Hi, Gia! (GEE-yah), Hi! Yoowake?", asks aidan every morning without fail. "Gia" responds with a squeal and her little head pops up to greet us, along with her squishy grin. this baby is happy from the time she wakes until the time she sleeps. she squeals with glee when i take her out of her bed and change her diaper. then squeals some more when i pick her up to go downstairs. aidan always asks, "Kay You?" (carry you) so i pick him up too (i am superwoman) and carry them both downstairs. here's the best part. aidan sits in his booster, delia in her highchair, and i feed delia her cereal while aidan eats his breakfast. we open the sliding door and listen to the sounds of birds, airplanes, and yes - dogs sometimes. it's a glorious 15 minutes - just me and my babes. aidan will occasionally reach over and grab delia's hand or touch her face and talk to's priceless. i know someday it'll end. we'll be rushing off to school, no time to chat or listen to airplanes - just rushrushrush. all the more reason to take our time now and ENJOY these precious moments before our day begins.

i don't know what it is about mornings. i've never enjoyed them immensely. i love to sleep in and stay up late. but lately, i've really enjoyed them. i enjoy the quiet, the fresh air, the newness. it feels hopeful and it nourishes my soul. i talk to God more and He talks to me. it's the only time of day that i can sit and do nothing and not feel guilty about it. while i'll never become a true "morning person", i can honestly say that they're not as horrible as i once thought them to be.