Monday, September 22, 2008

getaway to portland...

Ryan and I left Aidan and Delia in the very loving hands of the Harris Family on Friday afternoon and drove on to Portland for part of the weekend. We checked into our hotel - McMenamin's Kennedy School, not really knowing what to expect. The place was incredible!! Here are a few details about the place:

- historic elementary school built in 1917, renovated into a hotel, restaurant, banquet facilites

- movie theater with old comfy couches and tables; food and drinks served

- 6 (!) bars around the place, themed to the school, (detention, honors, etc.)

- awesome restaurant with incredible food and featuring their own brews and wines, and the best biscuits and gravy breakfast we've ever had (reasonably priced too!)

- charming, historic decor, warm, comfy and cozy, great artwork, while retaining many school-type features (chalkboard still on the walls, even in our guestroom.)

- super-friendly staff who are there to just make sure you have a great time

Needless to say, we had an awesome time and recommend this place to anyone! While the different bars are cool, it was nice to just meander around the place, take in a movie and people-watch. The place has a laid-back, cozy atmosphere that immediately set us at ease. We were sincerely sad to leave. We spent the rest of Saturday walking around beautiful Portland, doing a little shopping (tax free!), and hanging out with some of the best folks on the planet (thanks for the tacos, Harrises)! While the weekend away wasn't quite long enough, it was great to get away, celebrate our anniversary (which was in August), and have a little break from life. I took a few pictures that I hope to post soon when I get a moment to upload them. Meanwhile, you should check out the website since there are photos on there

Happy Fall, everyone!