Friday, August 8, 2008

two are you

dear aidan,

two years ago today at this time, i was recovering from delivering the most beautiful 8 pound 2 ounce baby boy. since that first moment i saw you, heard you cry, and held your sweet little body, you have stolen my heart.

i am in awe of you. you are only two, yet you are the sweetest, cutest - okay, HANDSOMEST, tender-hearted, funny, intelligent, and confident 2 year-old that i know. you continue to surprise your daddy and i with your wit and sense of humor. you love to read your books, sing songs, and play your drums. you love your little sister. you love to hike with daddy, singing on the top of your lungs the entire time (who needs bear bells?). you love to help me vacuum and are infatuated with garage doors and get mad if we don't let you push the button. you hardly ever cry and hardly ever need discipline. you love to be outside and you love our dog, maggie. you LOVE fruit!!! you love elmo. you love anything that has buttons or switches or makes noise. you love your spiderman tent. you love playing with your little friends. you love to entertain and make people laugh. you think it's funny when you toot (you're like your dad that way). you love your bed.

i love you soooo much and although i am sad to see you're growing up, i look forward to seeing what kind of person you'll one day become. i am so proud of you!