Monday, August 25, 2008

the disappearance of maggie

i saw it coming...
aidan walks up to maggie's crate, peeks inside, fiddles with the door and it dawns on him: no maggie. he looks behind him, he peeks in our bedroom and inside the loft...."maggie?"

crap. i knew we should've gotten that bed out of there before it reminded him to look for her. here's the thing:
a couple of weeks ago, ryan's grandmother, who lived alone, was moved into an assisted living facility. she was pretty lonely, but made friends right away with a little british old lady. this lady, marie, has a little dog named GiGi. grandma has always wanted a little dog, but the apartment she was living in previously did not allow pets.

we were leaving to go to idaho, which always presents the problem of finding pet-sitting. ryan's aunt suggests leaving maggie with grandma for the week so she could have some company. brilliant! so we took her over there with her bed, food, and toys and contemplated whether we would even be picking her up. when we returned, we heard stories of how grandma told everyone about her "new doggie" and how she loved her so. when ryan arrived to talk to her about it and perhaps pick maggie up, she looked so sad and asked, "are you here to pick maggie up?" she was elated when ryan asked her if she'd like to keep maggie as her companion for now.

now, i've written before about the fact that maggie just needs more love. she hardly gets walked or played with, except by aidan, and just lays in her bed all day. we are terrible dog owners right now, just too busy, and maggie deserves better. so there she stays on a temporary/permanent basis. if and when anything should happen (ryan's grandma is 89) she comes straight back to us. that is the comforting thing. i know we did the right thing for grandma and for maggie at this time. they need each other. maggie is such a loving dog and can really comfort grandma in what could be her last months or years. besides, we'll see her often when we visit, and maybe by the time she comes home, we'll be ready to have a dog and devote the attention she needs.

i explained to aidan that maggie went "bye" for a little while, but we would go see her soon. he seemed satisfied with that answer and hasn't mentioned it since. i can't help be a little sad when i get up in the morning and she isn't there by my feet. i do love that little dog...i miss her....a little.